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We are predominantly plant growers supplying independent retailers in the Cooma, Jindabyne & Canberra regions for the last 25 years. Up until now we have been concentrating on growing but over the past couple of years have enjoyed the company of keen & budding gardeners willing to take the time & petrol to come & visit.

Unlike most growers today, we pride ourselves on producing variety rather than quantity & will throughout the year offer a range of product far greater than any seen in conventional grower lists or webbased sellers.

Prices are set to normal retail you will see in most Garden Centres but we do offer significant discounts for quantitiy purchasing.

We offer wholesale to resellers in the industry whether they be retail nurseries, landscapers or landscape architects.

We are licenced in Structural Landscaping & Urban Irrigation & can offer complete garden services from CAD design through construction to ongoing maintenance.

Locally owned and operated

Proudly owned and operated in Cooma we have been lending our passion and expertise to a variety of customers for years and believe there's no gardening idea that's too big. All you have to do is let your imagination be your guide and we'll help you get there. We know the local environment and offer the right products and advice to allow you to get exactly what you need.

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As plant availability varies throughout the season we provide a wholesale availability list which is updated monthly. This list is available to resellers on request or you can be added to our broadcast. We are working on a retail list at present & this should come on line in the next few months.

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Hazelnuts are a decidous suckering shrub naturally growing about 3 to 4 metres high. They are extremely cold hardy and tolerate late frost on new growth well. We have found hazelnuts to be the most reliable of all the nut types in our area. Many customers use them as a hardy garden wind break and use the nuts as a bonus. 

Hazelnuts are wind pollinated. The male pollen is produced on drooping catkins in early spring and pollinates a small female receptor which occurs on old wood. It is important that both male and female components are mature at the same time and this does not necceserily happen on the one variety.

Pollination timing differs depending on the local area and weather conditions, so definitive pollination charts are not reliable. We recommend planting as many different varieties as possible. 

We stock 11 of the top commercial varieties. They are in 200mm pots and cost $25.00 plus delivery. The varieties include:

  • Cosford
  • Turkish Cosford
  • Tolkylien Cosford (TBC)
  • Ennis
  • Butler
  • Barcelona
  • Lambert
  • American White
  • Red Avellina
  • Halls Giant
  • J5

Years of experience

Over our 30 years in business we have worked with our customers on many different gardening projects and always look forward to a new challenge. No matter whether you want to spruce up your garden a little or want to create a whole new look we can make your dream a reality. Contact by phone or email or come for a drive but you must arrange an appointment prior to visit.

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